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Welcome to Crystal Peak Journeys

We offer specialist treks to the sacred sites of the Himalayas. Our emphasis is on quality, sustainability and integrity. As such part of our profits are donated to charitable causes in the areas we visit. We offer treks and tours in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet. Join us and let us show you the sacredness on the roof of the world.

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Immersion Journeys

We want you to have fun and excitement during your holidays. But we also want you to have a life-enriching experience, in addition to an amazing trek amongst the most stunning scenery on earth. We want you to connect with the people and places you meet.

Our immersion Journeys are designed to experience nature, culture, and community at a deeper level. This involves participating in local festivals, events, interacting with elders and storytellers, staying in a homestay or meditation practices in sacred and stunning locations. We want you to take home lasting memories and experiences from the places you travel.

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Mindful Journesy
Classic Journeys

Classic Journeys

We offer classic treks that Nepal and the Himalayas are known for worldwide, including trekking in Everest, Annapurna and many other off the beaten places. We are in constant search for new places, communities, and activities to provide a fresh opportunity for exploration and adventure.

Our members and staff are well trained and have been a part of many tourism development programs including Great Himalaya Trail Development Program and many such initiatives and have the in-depth knowledge and contacts able to provide you with the best service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  •   What is an Immersion Journey ?
  • In addition to the trekking and tour in various itineraries and destinations, we integrate cultural immersion, meditation, traditional healing and yoga during the journeys in order to provide a deeper and richer experience of the places we visit. This we believe adds value to the visitor experience and also to the host community.

  •   What are Classic Journeys ?
  • These are traditional trekking and excursions in the Himalayas which Nepal has been offering since the first accent of the Himalayas in 1950s. These involve trekking in classic style, classic destinations, with options of camping or lodge. Famous classic journeys include trekking to Everest Base Camp and Annapurna circuit etc…

  •   Can I join in your group trek?
  • You can join our scheduled group departures if there is a seat available. If it does not fit your schedule or if the seat is not available, we can arrange a special trek for you.

  •   Can I travel alone?
  • It is possible to travel alone in popular destinations in Nepal, Bhutan and India. However, the restricted areas in Nepal and Tibet generally require a minimum of 2 people to acquire permit. But special arrangement can be made. Our trip costs for Tibet are designed based on double occupancy and shared vehicles, the costs may increase for solo travel.

  •   What are the types of trip that you offer?
  • We offer various ranges of short, easy one week treks to 3-4 week adventure trekking and overland travels in sacred and breathtaking destinations of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We also offer deep immersion activities in these excursions so the visitor has a richer experience of the place of visit. If you are interested in meditation in the mountains, healing, yoga journeys, you can contact us.