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Journey into the Healing Land of Dolpo

March 8, 2018 | 0

The remote Land of Dolpo in West Nepal opened to the foreigners in 1989 is still one of the few areas where Himalayan and Tibetan culture is preserved and continues. It was known to the outside world after Peter Matthiessen’s book ‘The Snow Leopard’ (1973) and Eric Valli’s Academy Awards nominated movie, ‘Himalaya (Caravan)’. The region is also known nowadays for being a habitat for Cordyceps Sinensis, the most expensive Himalayan herbs believed to be an aphrodisiac and an all-curing panacea. It is an area rich in diverse medicinal plants and is home to traditional Tibetan, Himalayan medicine practitioners known as Amchis. The tradition follows an approach of a holistic balance of body, mind, spirit, and nature.

The trekking program offers you a fascinating experience in the secluded landscape and culture of Dolpo while also providing you a deeper experience into the Himalayan culture through the eyes of a healer. From trekking over the passes and mountains where all curing medicines grow, the emerald Phoksundo lake after which the region’s national park is named, the remote mystical monasteries and monks, to the hospitality of people of Dolpo, the program is designed to make the journey a memorable one

However, the culture and the landscape of the Himalayas are changing fast. And it may not be long before many of these elements are lost forever.

We encourage you to visit this place soon and see for yourself before changes engulf this beautiful and unique land.

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