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Journey into the Healing Tradition of Himalayas

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Trip Overview


On this journey, we will take you into the remote heart land of traditional medical practitioners in the Himalayas – to the land of Dolpo and Humla.

A crucial and interesting part of life and environment in the Himalayas is the tradition of traditional healing known as Sowa Rigpa where the local traditional medical practitioners known as Amchis take care of the people through a balance of nature, mind, body, and spirit. The practice relies on the knowledge of the ‘Four medical Tantras (’Bum zhi ) as well as (rGyud zhi) and is believed to have been systematized, compiled in the 8th century.

Amchi in the Himalayas are mostly lineage practitioners, where they learn the medical practice, production of medicine, and prescription from their father or other male relatives; at times they also learn medicine from religious teachers. In the past, Nepal’s amchi were required by their fathers or other teachers to complete a three year, three month, and three day retreat as part of their training. During this time, novice amchi devoted themselves to the memorization of fundamental medical texts and to get deeper experience in meditation so that the natural wisdom and compassion manifests gaining legitimacy as healers.

With the advent of the modern medicine many people in the Himalayas utilize modern medicine but the Amchis still play a key role in public health and services as the strong alternative.

We will visit the Amchis, their community and clinics and also the remote pastures where they collect their medicinal herbs. It turns out, the places where medicinal plants grow are also the places of greatest natural beauty ad sanctity.

We will also get the opportunity to try ourselves too, the healing elements of this tradition if we have particular requests and interest from the healers.



Brief Itinerary


Day 1/2: Arrival Kathmandu and tour of heritage sites
Day 3: Flight to Kathmandu-Nepalgunj
Day 4: Flight: Nepalgunj-Juphal (2,475 m); walk to Chhepka (2,838 m);
 6 hours
Day 5: Chhepka (2,838 m)-Chunuwar/Amchi Hospital (3,130 m); 6 hours
Day 6/7: Amchi Hospital, explore, interact with local Amchi
Day 8: Chunuwar/Amchi Hospital (3,130 m)-Ringmo/ Phoksundo Lake (3,608 m); 3 hours
Day 9: Ringmo/Phoksundo Lake (3,608 m)-Chunuwar (3,130 m); 2 hours
Day 10: Chunuwar (3,130 m)-Sangta (2,470 m) or Kageni (2,228 m) 6-7 hours
Day 11: Kageni (2,228 m)-Liku (2,405 m); 6 hours (continuing GHT) or to Juphal (2,475 m); 4-5 hours
Day 12: Flight: Juphal-Nepalgunj-Kathmandu
Day 13: Fly back home or continue to next journey



Detailed Itinerary

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Cost & Dates

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