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Our Team

Our management team consists of individuals from various parts of Nepal with extensive experience in community development, eco-tourism and cultural studies. We also are committed to hiring local staff and crew wherever possible and  have in our contacts people from all parts of the destination areas.


Our Team Members


Nar Lama (Jigme)

Co-Owner / Director

Nar Lama Jigme is from the Humla district of North West Nepal. His family like others in his native Nyinba Valley were farmers raising sheep and yaks as well as trading salt and grain between Tibet and lowland Nepal. He became one of the first generations in his area to go to school. In 1995 his family started the first travel operator business organising trekking to the sacred Kailash mountain in Tibet and Jigme became involved in guiding and running these tours. He also started working in community development in 1996 and lead trail and tourism development projects including on Humla Ecotourism Project supported by UNESCO and The Great Himalaya Trail Development Programme supported by UNWTO as well as worked on NGOs including Nepal Trust and Himalaya Conservation and Development Association.

The project outcomes included bringing electricity, health services to about 25% of the population in Humla, and supporting locals in environmental protection, cultural preservation, agriculture and tourism skills. His recent works in development includes formulation of tourism development plan of Eastern Nepal for Nepal Government, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and facilitating trail improvement surveys in Annapurna, Kanchanjunga, Dhadhing region etc…with Department of Tourism, Nepal.

He is also the chairman of the Northern Himalaya Region Development Organization and also is active in ecotourism and conservation works in the region.

Also a devout meditation practitioner, Jigme believes in being of service to others and in looking within to become a better, peaceful and kinder human being. To achieve this, he has received instructions on meditation from the meditation masters in the region. Jigme believes that tourism has a great potential to inspire and change the lives of both visitors and host communities and, if done well, it can be a great tool in bridging the gap between rich and poor, bringing harmony between people and nature – one just needs to seek and travel deeper.


Lama Pema Topchen

Lama Pema was born and grew up in Humla. He became a Buddhist monk when he was eleven years old and spent thirteen years living in the monastery. He later began to teach the younger children in the monastery and this lead to his long-term passion to support the education of children in his area in Humla. He joined the company with the view to raise fund for his education projects to benefit the poor families and children in the area. He is committed to the betterment and improvement of Humla’s social, cultural, environmental, economic, and educational situation and believes that ethical tourism has the potential to benefit both locals as well as tourists.


Guru Gyaltsen Tamang – Office Manager

Guru, a native of Humla is a trained guide and has a master degree in Business Administration. He serves as Office Manager and Trekking Guide.


Norbu Lama – Lead Guide

Norbu Lama was born in Humla district west Nepal in 1977. After high school in his village, he started working as a trekking Sherpa from 1990 to 1997 for trekking companies in Kathmandu. From 1998, he got promoted to lead the group as a Guide and still continues. He has also been trained in permaculture and organic farming. He is passionate to share his knowledge and expertise gained over twenty years of experience with his clients and is dedicated to the happiness and satisfaction of his guests.


Padam Magar – Lead Chef

Padam Magar was born in Rukum district in Mid western Nepal and started working as a kitchen staff for three years until 1991 and from then, he was promoted to Assistant cook and after two years again promoted to head Chef. He received cook training course in 1995 and 1997. He is proficient is cooking a verity of foods served in trekking including Japanese sushi, bakery, Italian and continental.


Recommendations from some clients we worked:


From our clients from Nomadic Skies Expeditions, UK, Nov 2018.

“I am still on a high – it was almost a transcendental experience for me (Nicky Harford)”

“I am taking away many many extraordinary memories and moments: marvelling at the stunning
scenery whether from the vantage point of the Suli Gad river valley or the rock meadow above
Ringmo, sitting alongside and talking to Dolpo-pa in their homes and tea houses, being blessed by B’on
and Buddhist lamas, meditating at the monastery on the shores of Phokusundo Lake, spotting snow
leopard prints on the path, being chased by an angry yak, drinking my first cup of tea of the day
brought by Norbu and the lads in the early morning with frost still on the ground, and letting the
beauty and serenity of the remote and beautiful land and culture finally quieten my inner mental
churn of work and lists and commitments and obligations. (Nicky Harford)

“A fantastic trek and so much more besides. Stunning mountain scenery, serene other-worldly Lake
Phoksundo and a full-on immersion in everything Nepalese in general and Dolpa Region in particular.”
(Nicolas Sinclair)


“There can be no better way to get to know Dolpo. With all the arrangements and travel taken care of
and a well organised team looking after the trekking you are free to explore and be guided in ways
that bring you close to the spirit of the place. (Nick Ince)”

“An extremely well-planned and well-led trek, with interest and activity in every day, from the streets
and temples of Kathmandu to the dramatic V-shaped gorges of Dolpo which we trekked through, and
the villages we passed by or stayed in, and the various locals we met, and on a couple of occasions,
sang and danced with. A most congenial group of fellow-trekkers added greatly to the experience, as
did our friendly and dedicated local guides and porters. The excellent cook deserves separate praise
for the wide range of dishes he conjured up. (John Shade)”

“A great experience which will be even more comfortable once the gurs are in place. But well worth the
chilly nights for the experience of the walks, the natural environment and the insights into the lives of
the Dolpo people. A great antidote to the stress of UK life! (Gordon Adam)

“An exhilarating trip! The trekking, the interaction with local people, and the cultural visits in
Kathmandu were all superb. Gavin, Jigme, Norbu and all the others were a great team. It was
fascinating to experience, in a small way, how the Dolpo-pa live. A holiday of a lifetime. (Anne Shade)

“Any of the above comments can be used. With regards to whether I would recommend Nomadic Skies,
I had the most amazing time, a trip of a lifetime, though it has wetted my appetite for more. But it
wouldn’t be for everybody, I look around my circle of friends (not Corriemulzie ) there are very few I
could imagine camping in sub-zero temperatures in a small tent or adjusting to Nepalese toilets. But
for the few who are open minded to try new things, yes I would definitely recommend Nomadic Skies.
(Jeanette Arnott)”

“The trip was amazing, a masterpiece of organisation, you have a lot to congratulate yourself about:
(Jeanette Arnott)

“their trek is a shared experience with a community not just a hike through a wonderful landscape
(Anne Ince – spouse of Nick: based on Nick’s feedback)”

“I didn’t know quite what to expect, but I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a trek in its entirety so
much. (Bridget Davey)

” The trek was a unique experience very much into the heart of the way of life of the Dolpo-
pa, unlike other treks which speed through the landscape and scarcely touch the culture.
The Nomadic Skies team was like a family – taking great care of us in all aspects. Well done
to them! (Liz Bibby)


“Dear Jigme…we all look upon those days with you in Nepal as one of the great experiences of life.”

– Michael Wood, UK

Writer and presenter of many critically acclaimed series on television, including Art of the Western World, Legacy and In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great, also author of over sixty TV films and several best selling and highly praised books.

Our General Manager Jigme Lama joined him as a guide and local manager during the filming of BBC’s award winning documentary, In Search of Myths and Heroes in 2004


“Having Jigme Lama as a guide and translator for our documentary film project and trek through Humla, Nepal was invaluable. Jigme’s warm personality and knowledge of the culture, languages, and proper protocols for meeting the villagers, healers, and spiritual leaders of the region, helped to make our journey more meaningful. He has also contributed as a translator and guiding voice in the post-production process of our film-in-progress, Healing Planet (see www.healingplanetproject.org).”

– Marie-Rose Phan-Le
Director, Healing Planet Project



“I have worked with Jigme Lama trekking in Nepal/Tibet and while producing films in the Himalayas. Without any hesitation, I can recommend Jigme Lama as one of the top professional guides and trek operators in Nepal and Tibet.”

– Thomas L. Kelly, Photographer, USA


“Certainly, as far as I’m concerned I reckon being in the Limi valley and Guge Kingdom was a very special experience for all of us. I would be happy to recommend (Jigme ) you as a very capable guide. For us in Humla your presence and experience was invaluable.”

– Sean Smith, UK


“Jigme is one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met. He was born in a wildly remote Himalayan village unchanged for a thousand years, and yet now he is internationally conversant– in five languages, no less. His physical strength and strength of character amplify each other: compassion and tolerance derive from self-confidence. My widely translated books are about seeking truth at the edges of common experience. Jigme is a companion to those realms; I’d trust him with my childrens’ lives. But just as important on any trek, I trust him to reveal the mysteries and marvels in both the landscapes and human-scapes that he intimately knows, and which are requisite for any conscious traveler to explore.”

– Richard Leo, USA



“Jigme guided me for two weeks into the villages nestled in the mountain ranges bordering Nepal and Tibet in western Nepal. He is a trustworthy, honest, knowledgeable guide who went out of his way to ensure that I had a wonderful, memorable and enjoyable experience. I highly recommend him for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the cultures of Nepal and Tibet.”

– Dr Aditi Sethi, USA