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Upper Humla Cultural Trek

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Trip Overview

Humla region located in the far NW corner of Nepal bordering West Tibet is one of the most remote regions in the Himalayas but also one of the most exciting places and cultures preserved today.

The area of Guge in West Tibet neighboring Humla is said to be the inspiration behind the story of what in the West is known as Shangri La.  Our team was involved in the BBC documentary in 2003 in the area and explored the stories and heritage sites which supported it. The region of West Tibet under Guge Kingdom was the center of second Buddhist revival in Tibet in the 11th century and until now the area holds many of the cultural relics and practices such as in Limi valley Humla where a 1000 year monastery remains with its monastic practices and village traditions.

Likewise, Namkha Khyung Dzong monastery located in Yolbang, Humla continues the tradition and heritage of ancient Nyingmapa Buddhist teachings in the region till today.

Humla is also home to the ancient shamanistic traditions where the shamans renew their vow in a ritual bath at Lake Manasarovar and Mt Kailash. On annual pilgrimages, these shamans still follow the ancient path of their spirits thousands of years ago.

Out of the four major rivers originating from Mt Kailash in West Tibet, Karnali River, locally known as Mapcha Khabab (River Originating from Peacock’s Mouth) flows into Humla forming a southern corridor of the region.  Humla is thus a special place to visit on its own as well as with Mt Kailash and Manasarovar which borders the area in China.

The trip will be guided by experienced guides from the local area with in-depth study and experience in the local culture, spirituality, and decent skills on mountain adventure.


    • Exploration, visit sacred landscapes of Humla bordering West Tibet
    • Trekking in the beautiful valleys, villages, and forest of Humla observing cultures and biodiversity.
    • Participation in the local festivities, local cuisine
    • Participate in cultural and ritual activities in these sites.
    • Introduction to the cultural and spiritual practices, practice mindfulness practices in the sacred sites
    • Meeting with realized spiritual masters and yogis in the region of travel.

Brief Itinerary

Day 1-2: Arrival Kathmamdu and tour of the valley, introduction of the program

Day 3-4: Fly to Nepalgunj and Humla Simikot

Day 5-7: Trek to Nyinba valley and participate in local lives, homestays and agriculture, festivals, meet local elders, its sacred sites including Crystal Peak Valley and Takpaphuk scared Forest.

Day 8-15: Trek to Dharapori.
Trek to to Syanda and sacred sites in Syanda
Trek to Dand Kermi
Trek to Yalbang.
Stay in Yalbang and visit monastery and village
Trek to Muchu
Visit Kudung, Gompa and village and school. Cultural show in the evening.
Drive to Tibet border and explore the sceneries and back to Muchu.
Muchu and Sallikhola
Sallikhola to Dhinga
Dhinga to Simkot

Day 16-17: Return to Simikot

Day 18: Fly to Kathmandu

Detailed Itinerary

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